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It's the sound of undergroundCollapse )

2003 // Sound of The Underground .1
2004 //  What Will The Neighbours Say? .2
2005 // Chemistry .3
2006 // Greatest Hits .4
2007 // Tangled Up .5
2008 // Out Of Control .6

Girls Aloud

Comming Soon xx

Girls Aloud

Format: RAR
Filed on: 4shared
Name: Sound of The Underground
Artist: Girls Aloud
Genre: Pop
Comments: The first CD of Girls Aloud, with all the musics.
It's the sound of undergroundCollapse )

Sound of the Underground
The beat of the drum goes round and around
In to the overflow

Stay Another Day
Baby if you`ve got to go away
I don`t think
I can take the pain
Won`t you stay another day?

Nicola Roberts

((Nicola Roberts singing My Lucky Day))

Nicola Roberts

Format: MP3
Filed on: 4shared
Artist: Nicola Richards (Girls Aloud)
Genre: Pop/Eletronic
Coments: So.. all the musics available of my gorgeous Nicola are there, if you want Girls Aloud or the other girls singing solo, go here.


Dance to the beat of my drum!

The Pretty Reckless

Subject: The Pretty Reckless
Format: MP3 and JPG
Filed on: 4shared
Genre: Rock
Obs.: All the tracks are able to download, including images of Taylor and TPR. For more information of what Taylor Momsen is doing right now, go to her site, with news, videos, images, wallpapers and more.